Thursday, March 24, 2011

Legos, Skateboards, and Cupcakes!

I love birthday parties; especially birthday parties with awesome themes like Legos and Skateboards!  My nephew, Brady, is turning 6!  It just seems like last week that Justin and I were babysitting him and he could not even stand up on his own yet.  We could keep him entertained for hours giggling with Bob the Builder!  Now, he and his older brother, Ethan 9, are whizzing around like professional skate boarders.  Ollies, Kickflips, McTwists???  I was WAY out of the loop on the skateboarding lingo. For the skateboarding novices like myself, here is a detailed list of skateboarding "terms" you should know! You never know...there might be a Skateboarding 101 Pop Quiz for a free giveaway one of these study up! haha

Here is Ethan all geared up!  Helmet, Ipod, the full skating wardrobe, right down to the Nike skater shoes!  Maybe if I had gear this cool, I would take up skateboarding too!

Brady's ready to go!  Can't believe he is already 6!

Brady eyeing up his next move!

Both Ethan and Brady are Lego experts!  Their rooms are filled with meticulously constructed Pirates of the Caribbean battleships, Star Wars T-6 Jedi Shuttles, and Imperial V-wing Starfighters!  Therefore, no other cupcake would have been more appropriate than Lego Cupcakes!  I had so much fun making these cupcakes, even though I think I really did eat half of them myself! And, just a few words of advice....Do Not try to make your own "red icing."  I used every ounce of concentrated red food coloring I had and just ended up with hot pink, then hotter pink, then hottest pink icing!  Luckily, our grocery store's bakery will whip up and sell you whatever color icing you need! So I went scrambling at the last minute on a "red icing" run! 

Since it is almost impossible to find Lego themed anything unless you order it over the internet (and I don't think that far in advance!), I figured it was just as easy to print these off my computer and attach them to toothpicks!

I feel like I have been around Legos my whole life!  I did grow up with a brother that was the Lego King!  We did not leave the house for any lengthy trips without the "big red Lego suitcase" that looks like it was something straight out of James Bond!  Sometimes, even things that were NOT legos, made their way into the "big red Lego suitcase!"  and I can vividly remember a big snafu my brother, Swen, encountered at airport security on the way to Denver for our annual family ski trip!  Swen was about 10 years old, (which would have made me 7).  We were already in a rush to get to our gate, when he sent the big red Lego suitcase through the security x-ray scanner.  You know somethings wrong when they send it through a second time!  The guy with the rubber gloves approached the big red lego suitcase with a look of concern, (I mean its just legos Mr?)  He pulled out some handcuffs (Swen was a policeman for Halloween that year), a "missile" looking object that when shot in the air returns nose down to stick into the grass, and some fireworks!!!!!!  I guess Swen was just coming prepared for anything!  After they confiscated Swen's big red lego suitcase, I'm glad they even let us on the plane!

I looked online to even see if they still sold the Red Lego Suitcase.  It looks like they only manufactured them  in 1984 and now is cosidered "vintage!"  Wow, that must be the sign that I am getting old!  I wonder if Swen still has his because I could only find four of them for sale?   Awww....I miss that suitcase!

"The Big Red Lego Suitcase"


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