Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'll be in my studio, studio!

Since watching last season's "America's Got Talent,"  I have a slight obsession of singing the ridiculous song... "I'll be in my studio!" (probably when I am dilerious from too many hours of crafts)  If you've never heard it, then you are very lucky! haha.  Well, the infamous, Spongetta, sang her original song....but, it was a little limited on the lyrics!  Even better, they brought her back for the finale for the "I'll be in my studio" Remix!

Well, my studio happens to be my kitchen!   But I decided it was time to get a little more organized (or attempt to get organized).  Of course the two major pepsi, the DVR remote control, and a large bag of feathers.


Here I am trying to follow the directions!  I will say....I'm pretty handy with the screw driver and hammer!

 I LOVE ribbon!  Now I have an excuse to collect even more ribbon!  One day I would love to go to the "Mecca of ALL ribbon stores" in Atlanta, GA,  Nickolas Kniel's Fine Ribbon & Embellishments.  I especially love adding cute ribbons on gifts and favors!  You can really make something go from ordinary to extraordinary with a fancy ribbon!

I'll be sure to post pictures of the final product soon!

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  1. Proud of your organization skills Perry! I should send you a picture of my attempt to organize my ribbon collection! Lovin' the blog! Keep it up!