Monday, March 7, 2011

The Perfectly Perrywinkle Touch

I love details!  This is the main reason I wanted to start this blog.  I love entertaining, creating, experimenting, designing, and paying attention to small details that really add my personal touch....the "Perfectly Perrywinkle" touch.  With my first name being "Perry", I grew up with the nick name "Perrywinkle."  My first name comes from my mother's maiden name and I am so proud to carry my mother's family name on.   Planning my wedding was like a detail dream and I loved every minute of it.  I look forward to sharing my ideas, projects, successes (and failures, hehe)  with all of my friends and family.   Here are a few Perfectly Perrywinkle touches from my wedding.    At some point I'll share an entire DIY wedding post!

I married my very best friend!  He is so supportive of everything I do.  Sometimes I even convince him to help me cut, paste, glue, paint, tie, hold, fold, long as he can do it while he is watching golf or football on tv.

My niece and cutest flower girl ever, Sienna.  She dominated the dance floor the entire night!  My sister, Ashley,  who is the "Goddess of all things Arts and Crafts", even sewed Sienna's dress.  Check out her popular blog and children's clothing line at

 I love everything vintage!  I've always felt I was born in the wrong decade.  I would love to have experienced life in the 30's, 40's, and 50's..... Everyone was dressed to perfection; stylish hats, done-up hair, fancy shoes!  But, I will admit, I pretty much live my life in my black yoga pants and t-shirt!  I'm pretty sure Grace Kelly or Jacklyn Kennedy did not own anything remotely close to black yoga pants or a t-shirt!  So I'm perfectly happy just where I am.  But I am continuously inspired by vintage black and white photos, so I was so excited to finally get a chance to wear a french tulle birdcage veil!  Stay tuned for a DIY tutorial on how to make your own!

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