Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love my crafty friends!

Its soo much more fun when I have friends who want to come craft with me!  However, I am really embarrassed to show anyone the mess I have created! (see last weeks post to see the "mess")  I really am pretty organized and actually OCD when it comes to the rest of the house.  I think Justin has given up all hope that one day our house will be completely orderly.

Tessa came over on Saturday and entered into the "war zone!"  We'll see if she comes back a second time, haha!  Tessa and I met last summer and she re-inspired me to start blogging again!  Check out Tessa's blog, Titleless Tess  and her cute blog "My first date with Perry" ;  she is such a better writer than I am....come to find out, she was a creative journalism major in college!  I should've known!

Here is a picture of the two of us seriously discussing the strategic angle of which the pink ostrich feather should appear from behind the Mardi Gras Madness Masterpiece!

It is soo easy to get into a "creative rut" where I just get into a routine of doing the same thing!  I was so inspired by Tessa's creation, Sweet Simplicity!  It reminded me that "more" is not always "better".  Be sure to check the store soon.  I'm sure there will be more "Sweet Simplicities by Tessa" to come!  I'm hoping that one day I can make enough money to pay Tessa to be my full-time blogger!  That would be a dream come true!

Thanks Tessa for such a fun Saturday!  Stay tuned for photos from the Perfectly Perrywinkle Spring 2011 photo shoot...coming soon!


  1. Hey Perry! (It's Courtney Lee - formerly Clark). I just hopped over here from your facebook page and LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white headband!

    I also have to tell you that you must check out Imaginisce's i-bond. It's a cordless glue gun (invest in rechargeable batteries). It's one of the Design Teams that I am on. They also make a gem setting tool that heats through the gems to the adhesive back (you have to buy those kind of gems) and sets them onto pretty much anything. Just sharing the crafty wealth! :)

  2. I renege. Misty morning is SO me!!! Olive green is my favorite color and I am totally smitten with that one! :) Beautiful work!

  3. Love it! :) I hope all of our dreams come true and we can just blog and craft the rest of our days away!